2017 Honda Civic EX in CA

Hi guys, I am just starting to learn the leasing basics and was trying to find a Honda Civic EX in Bay area, and most quotes are like $179/month with 3k down for 12,000miles/36 months, or 0 down with $255/month, which seems a bit high for me.
So when I talked to one sales about the Honcker App’s price (I used an address in LA to check the price, which is $188/month including taxes, 12,000miles/36 months with $1,216 due at signing), he mentioned that he can’t get on the app but he would match any price from a Honda dealer in CA.
It’s my first time to lease a car, so can anyone tell me that is it possible to do such match, given the price difference in different regions? If it’s possible, then anyone knows a dealer in Socal could provide a competitive quote on a 2017 Honda Civic EX?
Thanks in advance.

I see on California too many deals on Honda with 0 down, you must search different dealers civic and accord are on clearance right now.

Will try that, thank you. My concern is that only this dealer gives a matching promise in Bay area so I am not sure about the match, given the price difference…

lol ur literally getting the advertisement deals. i don’t think they think you’re serious. you might want to dress up a bit or take someone older than you (assuming ur around my age).

Or Start by asking them about the selling price of the vehicle. Then ask them what cap cost reductions (aka incentives) are available with 0 down. MF and residual. Then come back here with those numbers.

When I told one salesman that I got the quote for 0 down and $230/month(which I think is already too high), that guy replied: “That sounds too good to be true.”

lol i just edited my post. ask them for the selling price, the cap cost reductions (with 0 down), MF and residual.

Then ask for the gross cap cost (selling price + bullshit fees added)

Come back here.

Literally write this on their stupid 4 squares if you need to.

make sure you take a picture of the window sticker too with MSRP

I already tell you search online, too many dealers have promotion right now, you can show the promotion ask them to match it and you are set. At least you are going to get a better price. You can also negotiate with them.

I found very good deals on LA area with 0 down and 159 for the civic I don’t remember but is something like that search on Google Downey Honda dealer and you will see it

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Hi @chrispbacon I got their email on this as follows:
2017 Honda Civic EX sedan

MSRP: [$22015]
Selling Price: [$19300]
Trade-in: [$0]
Capital Cost 20517.79
Banlance Due : 21412.56

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: [0.00108]
Residual: [61%]

The dealer offerd $255 a month

Do I need to ask other info?
I put those numbers in the lease calculator and it returned 224 incl. tax, is that the best I could ask for?

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Cap cost reductions are NOT aka incentives. Get it straight before you start advising other people

What are cap cost reductions with 0 down? If it’s not out of the customer’s pocket it’s incentives.

I would first go on truecar and see if the selling price is fair. It looks good at a glance for my zip code.

I would also ask them for a breakdown of the fees.

(Balance Due) - (Selling Price) = $2112.56 in fees. What are those fees.

By law in cali, $80 doc fee + I’m not sure ~$450 DMV + Honda’s standard $595 Acquisition fee. Added up is $1125. What is the extra $1K for?

Vehicle Price:		$22,015.00	 
AutoNation Savings:	-	$2,715.00	 
AutoNation Price:		$19,300.00	 
Sales Tax (estimate):	+	$1,746.81	 
Tire/Battery/MVWEA:	+	$8.75	 
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate):	+	$206.00	 
Flat Add/County Fee:	+	$22.00	 
Electronic Filing:	+	$29.00	 
Smog Abatement Fee:	+	$20.00	 
Documentation Fee:	+	$80.00	 
Balance Due (estimate):		$21,412.56

MF: 0.00108 Res %: 61 Res $: 13,429.15 Capital Cost: 20,517.79

Hi @chrispbacon, thanks for the response :slight_smile: That’s the equation he emailed me, I asked him about the cap cost reduction but he didn’t mention it in the quote.

This is another deal that I share with you before