2017 Honda Civic Ex - Good deal? 36M / 15K Miles

I will be leasing for the first time and after having read the forum, I have been emailing different dealers and this is the offer I got till now:

Upon asking for MF , the dealer said that its 0.0000800 and Residual Value is 59% for 36 months . but I think she misquoted that and its really 0.000800 and I will be also eligible for Grad Cash of $500.

How does the offer look, can I do better ?

What is the range in price in the table? Is that for different mileage limits? I think the deal is not that great, but not a total rip-off either. I think there is a general guideline for a good deal to be where your monthly payment with $0 down is less than 1% of MSRP (for a 36mo 10k/yr lease I think). Right now looks like you’re slightly over that. But I’m still new at this too, so experts can probably chime in.

Even I am not sure about that range. But the range is for 15K miles only.

I am getting this using the lease calculator.

Got one more offer from another dealer:

Please advise if its a good deal

MSRP: $21975
Selling Price: $19261
Residual Value: $12,965.25
All Fees:
documentation fee: $429
Bank Acquisition:$595
Residual: $12,965.25
Money Factor: 0.00080
Total cost of the lease: $216.50
Sales Tax per month $13.50
Total month payment for 36 months: $230 with all fees included

Just need to pay first month during signing, rest all included in monthly payments.

Any suggestions fellas?

What’s your sales tax and what’s your drive off?

Sales tax is 6.25% in Massachusetts and Drive off is first month payment. In the above quote dealer has rolled everything into monthly payment.

This is what I just got from my local Honda dealer in south central PA…LOL. Loving that discount! I have no idea where the $1,700 is coming from if the first month payment is in the $280’s. Acq isn’t that high, is it? DMV shouldn’t be more than $200-$300…lol

MSRP on this Civic is $23,635.00. YOUR price is $23,426.00 this price includes dealer accessories such as wheel locks, mud guards and pin stripe!
Approximately $1700.00 down for acquisition fee, first month & DMV fees.
36 month 15,000 mile lease. Payments will be in the $280’s.

What trim are you talking about ?

Sorry…2017 Civic EX Hatchback

So you paid around 280 per month ?

No, I was posting this as being sarcastic as it seems way too high for my taste. They aren’t discounting the vehicle at all!

Then mine seems like good deal LOL

Yes for 15k, that’s actually what I’m trying to get as well. Not sure if I want the Hatchback or the Sedan but I do know I want the EX trim. Never leased a vehicle though and I’m afraid 45k won’t be enough for 36 months. Just need to understand more about the entire process, especially near the end of my mileage.

If you are driving a lot of miles, sometimes leasing is not an option. Most people do a lease because of the lower payment and the car is covered the entire time under warranty (usually 30k miles and under) so it is worry-free 36 months.

If you are getting reimbursed, maybe the $0.10/mile is not too bad but you end up having to buy new tires, do the maintenance, etc. Not sure about Honda but you can buy miles cheaper than the $0.10 prior to lease end.

Fellow Hackrs, what do you think about my lease numbers, or should I aim for lower than $230 .