2017 Honda Accord Sport SE $239/month 12k $0 down

Hi everyone!

I am wondering if I can negotiate a better deal then this on a 17’ Accord Sport SE. Here are the numbers:

MSRP $27,180
Cap cost $22,757.45
Residual 55%
MF 0.00059

$239/month including tax

$0 down drive away

It sounds like a pretty good deal for a Honda lease.

Thanks everyone!


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That is an amazing deal. I was struggling to get dealers to give me a 270+tax deal about 30 days ago. They must be waiving the acquisition fee and all other fees (or rather rolling them in and giving you a heck of a discount).

great deal; here in OH it is 239 + tax at a very competitive dealership, same terms and model

fwiw, there is 2750 lease bonus cash already reflected in that quote.

What does $0 down drive away means ? $0 down payment or $0 at signing ?
It is lowest I’ve seen recently if $0 at signing ( true sign & drive )

I’ve got an offer for $264.00, including 7% tax, ( sign & drive ) for the same car in the middle of July ( Cap cost $21,766. Adjusted cap cost $22,476 ) from a dealership in Philadelphia.

Sorry $0 at signing so its a true $0 sign and drive.

And thats 6.5% tax here in MN.

Not to hijack this thread, but I’ve been following MF on the 2017 Honda CR-V, and it’s holding steady at a whopping 0.00200. Why is the MF so different on models within the same brand? I’m very envious of the Accord’s MF! :wink:

Excellent deal then.
12,000 mi correct ?

Correct 12k/year.

Each vehicle has its own depreciation and MF. Not sure why the MF would be so different between models though.

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Well, the new accord is set to arrive in the next 60 days so I’d assume dealers are motivated to move 2017s now.

Nice deal but no V6 and it has a CVT! 19 inch rims are not going to ride well. No upgraded stereo. Strange configuration…

Brand new 2018 Accord is coming and they want to move the 2017’s. Plus the CR-V sells like crazy so American Honda has no reason to offer lower rates on them. In demand car so they charge accordingly (no pun intended…).