2017 Gti lease good deal?

36 month 12k a yr
$950 drive off
245 plus tax
Is this a good deal
Manual transmission

What’s msrp. Character

Sticker 25k for 2017 manual

So after taxes it will be over the 1% mark. I would push for $20-30 less per month. See if they will take it and walk away. Dealers feed on desperation.

What’s the cap cost and discounts?

This was there last and final after they applied 2k in discounts never seen a Gti this low prices seen the over 300 mark

Shop around out of state. Most cases shipping it to you is cheaper than a local quote

That’s about $300 a month all in.

Not bad, not great.

Seems like GTI deals are tough.

What’s the selling price?


Selling price is 25k for base manual trans

So you are paying MSRP with no discount?

Sorry 23k with discount applies 2k in incentives

So no discount before incentives?

No discount just incentives on the car

Tell the dealer to give 10-15% discount to move old unit…

Few dealers offer 10%+ off on GTi, they sell pretty well. There’s a dealer in VA or Maryland I think that used to advertise ultra low lease deals. For context, I got my '17 Base WRX Manual end of April for $262/mo with a $500 coupon provided at signing. The WRX leases way better due to high residuals and the money factor is usually better than the GTi. Worth a look unless you need the hatch.

The deal you got sounds decent though. Also, check to see the rules with the leasing company. Some finance companies won’t let you swap or have specific rules/restrictions. At just $2k off, you’ll be upside down immediately and if you can’t swap it, you’ll be stuck with it the entire lease.