2017 GMC Canyon 4x2 help with calculator

Can anyone help me get a better deal from where I’m at.
2017 GMC Canyon 4x2 Crew Cab Work Truck

I’m trying to figure out what the dealer is doing with the rebates. Is there a specific Canyon rebate of 2500 right now or are they using dealer coupons to get to 2500? If the pricing is sub 300 for the 4x2, I might look at a 4x4 or try to step up in trim level.

Ideally I would like to be able to match their numbers in the calculator for 39 months, then figure out the payment for 27 months without them changing anything on me, so when I go back everything is ready to go.

I’m in OH with 6.5% sales tax.

It looks like they have marked up your money factor from 0.00175 to 0.00196. That is the first thing I would call them on.
It is also not a very good discount on the car either. MSRP of $30k and then they knock off 7-8%. I would be pushing for 10% and no they are not using a tagged car to get the rebate so I would ask them to use tags.

I think your probably getting $1500 for an outside lease and $1000 in dealer certificates.

I do have a current Infiniti lease I mentioned.

So I should aim for 10% before rebates or certificates? How do I get them to use tags?

I think they are using 2. Just an FYI I was able to get a dealer in So Cal to go 2500 below invoice plus use 2 tags ($3500 below before the conquest rebate). I doubt OH is as competitive, but you should shop your deal around. You could probably do better.