2017 GMC Acadia Denali 36/12 lease offer

Hi all. I am in need of some assistance looking at a quote I just received. Shopping for a 2017 Acadia Denali. Something isn’t adding up based on a 65% residual value on a 36/12 lease with what I thought should be a MF of .00070 (based on previous posts on here). Here is the quote.

MSRP: $48,735
Incentive: $-1000
Negotiated Sale Price: $45,432.45 (7% off MSRP)
Accessories: $499 (tint, gps addon, etc.)
Trade in: $9000
Monthly Payment: $311.62 (289.88+21.74tax(7.5%))

According to my lease calculator the monthly payment should be $211. I got the dealership to tell me they are using 65% residual. Couldn’t get them to tell me their MF. What am I missing? Why are they $100/month away from where I think they should be?

Thanks in advance.


GMF allows dealers to mark up the mf by .00084 but even that wouldn’t be enough to get the payment that high. It almost seems like they are using the standard mf of .00202 since the October programs are over and GM doesn’t appear to have released the November ones yet. The only way to know is by asking your dealer what the mf is.

Are you sure you want to put $9000 trade towards your lease? You don’t get that money back if you get into an accident and total the new car. I’d much rather have them cut me a check for it.

Thanks for the reply. A MF of .00202 seems like a very logical explanation. I will have to ask. Thanks for that suggestion. Going from .00070 to .00202 would make me incline to wait until it comes back down as that really effects the deal tremendously. When do you think we will have the official November numbers? Is it possible for the dealer to give me cash for my trade in instead of putting it towards the lease? I wasn’t sure that was possible but if so, I would definitely favor that option.

Yes, the $9,000 on the trade in is yours, so it’s up to you if you want to put it down on the lease or not.

I’d expect to see them early next week. Watch the threads on here about the Chevy Bolt, as they are the ones most interested in GM’s November lease rates.

You should definitely be able to take cash for the trade, although your dealer might resist and there will be some extra steps involved to cut a check that big.


If the dealer is offering 9K for his car, wouldn’t you imagine he could get a bigger check just selling the car to CarMax?

OP, I would definitely want the cash with one of the main reasons being what Jmac stated above.

On a side note, I also looked at an Acadia Denali yesterday, I personally could live with an SLE-2, SLT-1 for sure if I wanted leather seats.

If you want to save some money on your payment, check with your dealer if he has any demos, the dealer I went to had a few '17 demos with 3-4K miles on them.

Thanks, I completely agree. Great tip and should have thought of that. I have always had bad luck from CarMax but worth a shot. Blue book on my car says 10k trade in.

I will consider the other trims but the Residual % on the Denali model had me a little blinded. I will also look at demos. Another good suggestion.

I guess it really comes down to what the November MF numbers are as them providing me the standard .00202 makes me either want to find another dealer or potentially another car.