2017 GLS 450 - Residual and MF

Hi. Does anyone know the current residual and money factor for a 2017 GLS 450. 36 months and 10K miles per year.

Very much appreciate everyone’s help.

2017 GLS450 4MATIC

24/10K: 62% residual, .00089 MF
36/10K: 58% residual, .00089 MF

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Also- you can get a guaranteed 6% off MSRP (hard on GLSs). Speak with Russ Ellis in Laguna Niguel MB.

Hi Michael,

I saw you post a message saying that by putting multiple security deposits, the MF for GLE can be further lowered.

Is this the same to GLS? If I put 10 MSDs, what’s the lowest MF I can get?

Thank you.

Hi Alex,

whats the best MF you can get for GLS? Before and after putting multiple security deposit?

Thank you.

I never got that far with the GLS. I wanted to make sure I got the best selling price first before even going into that area.