2017 GLS 450 Lease 48 months / 12k miles - MF and Residual and TIPS

Hi Everyone,

For the month of Dec 2017, does anyone have any current info on the MF and residual for a 2017 GLS 450 for 48mos, 12k miles based on a sticker price of $76,300.

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

The dealers I’ve called around gave me a 49% residual and 0.00079 MF (auto-pay). I’m certain the MF is correct. But the residual at 49% at 48 mos seems kinda low…I could be wrong of course.

Based on these figures, I went to this link to figure out my monthly payment: https://www.edmunds.com/car-leasing/calculate-your-own-lease-payment.html

At $3200 down (1st mos payment included), I feel like I should be paying around $815/mos out the door (includes tax at 9% in Los Angeles) for 48mos. Best deal I’ve found was at $825/mos. Is this a good deal??

Thank you in advance!!

Why a 4 year lease? Kinda seems long… 3 years is my cap.

I figure even if I did a 3yr lease, I’ll still need to lease another vehicle as soon as that ones finished, and most likely I’ll be paying approx the same monthly payment. So just want to go for a lower monthly payment from the get-go.