2017 Giulia base or 2018 CX-5 GT

I know this is a crazy comparo, but I am basically looking at a car for me (Giulia) or a car for my wife (CX-5). I need one by next weekend.

15K miles
36 months
$800 drive offs

Alfa - Base
10K miles
24 months
$700 drive offs

I know “needs” and all that, but I guess I am asking is either of these too good (don’t think either is bad) that it should take precedence over the other? I can probably sway the wife either way.

If you gave the MSRPs, it would be easier to say if they were good deals.

They both look like good deals, I’d say get them both if that is an option. Both very good cars in their own classes too…

Giulia is just under $42K MSRP.
CX-5 is just under $32K MSRP.

That sounds like a great option! Long term this will happen. I have a F150 currently that I will be looking to sell soon and probably choose whiever one I don’t get out of these two at that point in time.

Sorry, those are both good. I would get my wife the CX-5 then get the alfa later. If you get the alfa first, she probably wouldn’t settle for the mazda…

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Good statement good point

I’m going to agree with this. The price on the Mazda is great for 15k miles. Personally, I would roll everything in as long as the MF is low

Thanks for the feedback all. I will go the Mazda route unless the Alfa dealer can make the same deal on a $44K MSRP better equipped Giulia. Mazda is feeling right though. Happy wife happy life.

Which state?
I’m considering the 2018 Giula AWD…what would those run?

If it’s truly 24 months vs 36 months, the Alfa is actually a much better deal. Only an 11% increase in payments over a shorter lease with a car whose MSRP is 31% higher is pretty great. I’d be curious to see what an equivalent 24 month Mazda lease would be, or 36 months for the Alfa.

Hey @bucksnrt1 - Which area are you in? I’m in the los angeles area and am in the market for a CX-5 GT as well. The ones I’ve started pricing out were for the base GT without premium package (30,xxx msrp), and they’ve been quite a ways off from where your numbers are. Can you clarify whether the $295 is inclusive of tax or not? What incentives do you qualify for to get to that price? And if you have a specific dealer who you can refer me to, that would be awesome. Thanks!

Southern California.

Quoted through email at Tuttle Click Mazda in Irvine, CA. Plan to go in next week. So don’t know exactly what I qualified for yet. This was for a 2017. Price does not include tax. I had thought we were talking ‘18 but clarified later it was ‘17. Told they could do a ‘18 for $315 plus tax tho.

Awesome, thanks for the help. I was told the only difference between the 17 and 18 is that 18 includes memory seats for the driver and power passenger seat, standard. If that’s true, it’s not worth the extra $20.

Would you mind PMing me the salesperson’s info? Thanks again.

The 18 engine has been revised too. Cylinders will shut off under light load to improve mpg. Maybe by 1 or 2 better. Will pm.

@bucksnrt1, would you mind sharing (or PM’ing me) the info of the AF dealer that you spoke with? That seems like an amazing deal, and my current lease expires this month (I’m in SoCal also). Thanks in advance.

Sure thing! Will PM you.

Just to close this out, I went through with the CX-5. Fun car later.

2018 GT
$31,xxx MSRP
$800 drive off
15k miles per year
36 months

Great price for that. Could you break out the sale price and incentives?