2017 Giulia AWD Lease

What do you think about this deal
$279 per month for 24 months/10 K
$3,999 cash due at signing
Including all incentives
All payments are money down plus first payment, tax, title, registration, doc/title prep fee and bank acquisition fee

****Updated With more detail
Original MSRP $48,190
Sale Price $46,200
Residual 50%
$498/ month

A good deal, well under 1% rule. Just roll that 4K at signing in to the payments and give them your first months at close.

Edit: obviously not so good, now that OP has added more data.

I don’t know if it’s base or Ti model but, for 24 month residual should be higher.

This makes no sense and is a bad deal. If your sales price is $46,200 then the dealer is giving you literally 0 discount. There is at least $2,750 in rebates advertised right on Alfa’s website that should automatically apply to the $48k sticker price. Also the base Giulia AWD somehow has a worse residual than the AWD Ti (50% you posted vs. 63%)? If that is the case, get a Ti not a fully loaded base.