2017 Genesis G80 Loaner - $349/mo 15k

Long story short - looking at a 2017 G80 3.8 AWD Premium trim. Not particular about new or retired loaner as long as the value is there. Was targeting 20% off for a new vehicle, more for a retired loaner.

They started at $541/mo with $2362 at signing - lol.
I have them to $373/mo with $2400 at signing.

Their numbers don’t add up though. At a 51% RV and .00011 MF.

MSRP $49,600
Cap cost $37,283.43
Doc and DMV $283.50
Taxes (OH) $1671.08
Payment $373.61


Where do I go from here with this deal?

What’s the mileage and term?

I’m looking for the same thing. The lowest offer I’m at now is $435 a month with $750 down in PA for a new 2017 G80 AWD Prem. Not sure how the Ohio taxes compare.

Ben - 36mo/15k

My tax is 8% but they collect up front so about $1600 of my drive off is tax

Also I signed up for uber and hope to apply an addtl $1000 coupon on top of this

All the places I tried been in contact with say you can’t use uber with a lease.

this may be the case because i think in the contract of some leases they don’t allow commercial uses even though you signed up just for a discount. don’t quote me tho.

When I was exploring ekantra leases/purchases all my local dealers mentioned an extra $1k for uber.

Thanks to all for the feedback.

Any info on where to press on this deal before I sign tomorrow?

Ask them if they have the Flex Coupons applied to the vehicle.

Kia/Hyundai/Genesis all have internal discount programs they can hit on a car.

They’re the equivalent of IVC for Chevy.

What is included in the $6750 rebate?

Not sure cheap dad…

Michigan and part of Ohio gets M plan employee discounts. 20% is attainable at Every dealer.

Thanks Fred. So I qualify for a 20% discount off a new vehicle just for living in OH?

I think it depends on the specific area. I know all of Michigan gets it. Maybe you should move north? Better car deals, better sports teams and greater lakes! :grin:

I’m in the market for a Genesis G80 Sport AWD, hoping to score one in December for under $400 with tax, and then hoping to get them to waive my 3 payments for my current Sonata

Under $400 for the G80 sport is going to require a lot of hacking.


You gave me a laugh Fred. Thanks for that.

Signed today. Got them down to $349/mo

Taxes/fees/1st payment for drive off.

LH score looks to be about a 12

FYI - Hyundai/Genesis does not allow Uber discount on leases. Not sure if this is new but did confirm it’s accurate


according to my payments of 630 a month for the sport you would need to drop it another 8k… i mean it is possible around next year when the 2019s are coming and the 2018s need to go and that specific 2018 would need to be a demo with 4,999 mile lol(i think they lower rv after 5k)