2017 Ford Explorer Platinum 3y/12K, Northern VA Lease

Trying to piece together a deal.

So far the MSRP was discounted at 4% to Sale Price and 1750 customer cash and nothing else on a 54,995 MSRP vehicle. MF is 2.25%

I’ve seen these vehicles have 11-13%off MSRP

residual is 52%

What should I be targeting to a good score?

Look at true car to get a general idea.

thanks. @NY13

Hopefully @michael can chime with the current numbers .

Issue is awful MF, around simply put at 2600 over the duration of lease. 2% over the .25% apr we see for most regions with A+ credit.

Residual 52% is right.

You need a good discount. 4% Is not going to give you a good score or deal

I was considering lease but figured buying is better, given my location (VA) and bad residual (increasing the total cost of Lease for 36 months).

How did I do?

MSRP was 55,620 (including 945$ Freight).
Vehicle market value was 51,643
Ford Rebates were 2750
Vehicle subtotal ended up being 48,400
taxes, tags, fees 3000

Out of the door 51,400; no extended maintenance or warranties purchased.

Since there are 23 platinums at a dealer near me, including a couple of 2016, I would have thought the discounts would be more aggressive. Nonetheless, enjoy your truck for many years to come.

Hi there,

This is the exact vehicle I purchased (instead of leased) in 2016. I had the same issues as you with residual and pricing and could not get the dealer to budge and leasing numbers were pathetic.

My out the door was $50,900 because of sales tax in CA at the time.

I will tell you after seven months of my wife driving it, she finds something new she loves every day. Her last ride was an ML 350, but it wasn’t big enough for the kids plus dog and we wanted a third row.

The Explorer gave us the third row in the size of a reasonable normal SUV. We just found out it had seat massagers (big whoop) last week!

The one pretty massive downside is fuel economy combined with a horribly small tank. We usually get 335 miles to the tank before it’s time to return to the pump. It’s just annoying. But the ecoboost is worth it in my opinion. Such an amazing engine and combined with the brilliant transmission, it’s a great ride.

I am very happy with the purchase even seven months in.