2017 F Type w/ 8k miles

Need to wait to Dec for my lease but came across this one and thought maybe someone could work a good deal if they could get rid of the $2,500 down payment. Includes 12k miles.
Looking at the pics, the car has 8k miles. Interesting.

Looks like it was purchased in 2016, so it’s not a demo/loaner. Not sure how the dealer can lease it, unless they are going through some 3rd party used car program, but those are usually worse deals than new vehicles.

Yeah - not sure how they are structuring it but maybe someone can get a steal.

They had an F-Type R advertised last week for a crazy low price that I saw on autotrader, I saw it at 9pm. Got a shipping quote soon afterwards. By midnight it was no longer on autotrader. Might be an advertising tactic.

Even at the ad price, it’s not a steal. The monthly would be over $500 after tax and drive-off is probably close to $4500 after all fees.

these guys seem motivated as they have moved 3 2017s in the past month.