2017 ES350 - newbie to the Lease negotiation

MSRP - 45,098
Sell Price - 39,998
36 month
10 K - 25,705 (RV)
12 K - 25,254 (RV)
MF - 0.00090
1480.00 down
10 K - $497.00 month
12 K - $510.00 month

Am I correct that they are using a residual of around 57%

How does this deal seem?

Seems a pretty high for an es350, especially with 1480 down. They are marking up the MF on you, and depending on where you are located there should be some lease cash, which I would negotiate on top of the current sales price

Thats what I was thinking but, im new (2 days) to the forum. here was the 1st offer from different dealer:(with trade in)

MSRP - 45985.00
selling price 44,485.00
rebate - 2250.00
gross cap cost - 45794.00
4000 down, 4275 MSD
$468 x 36 months
check to me for 3225.00

That is a very bad deal

what would be a reasonable expectation for this car?
how much off MSRP and what money Factor?

In the first deal the negotiated dealer discount is very good, but I would expect another 1500 - 2000 off in lexus cash (depending on where your located it could vary), for them not to inflate the MF, and ask for multiple MSD’s.

With the 1500 lexus cash, base mf (.00080), and multiple MSDs this is the payment I expect without tax for 36/12

thank you, appreciate the help

I assume you’re talking about Lexus but in a negotiation don’t let things be assumed.

Yes Lexus, thank You.