2017 Equinox one-pay lease - update: success!

Made an attempt at a one-pay lease today - but ultimately, the dealership refused the deal!?!

2017 Equinox LT AWD
MSRP $32,270
Sales Price $29770

Took 30 minutes for them to disclose a sales price without any incentives. This was after repeatedly asking for the price with discount only, explicitly.

Incentives $7,700 ($1500 CCR, $1700 bonus, $3000 conquest, $1500 bonus tag)
Doc fee $172, Lic/Reg $220, Tax 7%

Salespersons/Manager(?) came back with:
$150/mo or $3600 “one-pay”(terms were never presented)
“one-pay” to them meant, sign a lease and, if you want, make a payment for all the remaining
MF 0.00099 - this was never detailed on where it came from

Reducing MF for the one-pay? After repeated discussions, and explanations, it seemed the sales people seemed to get the one-pay concept. Then, shared the lease calculator page since they didn’t understand how I could calculate amounts on my own… At that point, per my calculation (accepting the 0.00099) resulted in approx $2700 one-pay amount. To which, the salesman/manager(?) said they couldn’t do.

We agreed on sale price, incentives, rate, terms, vehicle - but that was it, with no reasoning. My assumption is they were trying to sneak some additional profit out of the lease? Is this possible? Any help for my next attempt is appreciated!

My advise is to do all negotiations over email. Will save you a bunch of time and weed through many dealerships fast if they don’t disclose everything you are asking.


Send a check for 2500 on a one pay lease to @senwia dealer (see his equinox post) and they will pick out a nice equinox for you. What could be simpler?

Is Senwi a deal or how can I pull up the one pay info for this specific car???I appreciate the help

@senwia is a contributor to this forum

Like Vhooloo said, look at Senwia’s thread on the Equinox.

Success!! (At a different dealership)

2017 Equinox LT
MSRP: $30,900
Selling Price: $27,900
Rebates: $7,700 ($3,000 competitive lease, $1,700, $1,500, $1,500 bonus tag)
Doc Fees: $142
Tag Fees: $220
Acquisition Fee: $595
Tax on Incentives, fees, depreciation: $699
Tax Rate: 7%
MF: 0.0005 (0.00092 - 0.00042)
Residual: 65%
One-pay: $2,285

Went in knowing what was fair for pricing, received some strange information on the MF but once with the financing person all went smoothly. The 0.00073 reduction is for 36+ mo leases, clearly stated how to reduce the MF on the GM provided literature, which makes me wonder why it was so difficult to get dealerships to provide the info.

No issues with using the published MF without markups. This was refreshing.

Had a detailed discussion about the lease form and which amounts are to be paid. I think some off-paper things are happening whether the cash paid at closing is different than the actual cash paid at closing. Maybe ok, but strange to me that the lessees don’t seem to fully understand the contract.

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