2017 Equinox LT 166$

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You should check that the Lease Co will allow a transfer so early

Where are you located. I’m interested

Where are you located…? I’m interested as well

I’m located in SoCal.

I’m located im SoCal

For GM Financial, you can not swap the lease until 6 months have passed, the new leasee must be in the same state, and there must be at least 12 months remaining


I looked into it and you’re right. I’ll change the description

@BoardWalkNJ when i asked the dealer about lease transfers, they told me straight up it’s not allowed. But knowing dealers, I knew it was wrong and had looked it up and can confirm that what you’re saying is correct.

So i was thinking, if you wanted to lease transfer out of a 24 month GM lease that started Dec 2016, you basically have between June and December of 2017 to transfer out (and only in your state) if one wanted to take advantage of another Equinox-type of lease at the end of 2017. Given that the Equinox deals really started around October, it’s very doable. I can imagine if one was to list the equinox on swapalease at the payments reported here you’d be able to swap out easily.