2017 Equinox deal CONFIRMED; '17 LT (FWD) $29,975 MSRP car for $144/mo (+ tax) w/ effective $370 total out of pocket. Possibly cheaper deals for LS model available. Florida

Thanks for the dealers name. Do you know who you contacted there?

I have a Maryland dealer willing to go $154 a month, all in, $0 down on a bonus tagged LS @ MSRP $26,440. This is before the $700 Costco gift card and assumes you qualify for every single incentive including Farm Bureau. PM if you want the contact info and you are in MD!

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I am trying to PM you to get the contact info but the site will not let me because I am too new. Can you please send me the dealer and contact info. Thanks

I’ve contacted a few dealers and have only received a discount of $1,200 off MSRP as a starting point. The first dealer I worked with (internet manager), I asked for $3k off a $29,500 MSRP and he pretty much told me to take my business elsewhere, but to come back if I’m interested.

The next refused to give me numbers over the phone (I have a current lease with them), and the third gave the same $1,200 discount (I actually test drove at this location last month). Both the 2nd and 3rd told me that if I come it they will work with me on pricing. I don’t want to waste my time sitting down, but looks like I may have to.

I assume others working this deal are getting a similar response upon contact.

Bro1999 I’m in MD and interested but can’t PM you because I’m a new user. Can you please send me the contact info for that deal. Thanks!

sent PM, didn’t put out the name in open forum. I just went to their website and contacted that way. Hope the same method works for you as well.

I PMed you. Check it!

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TR10 I just joined and maybe I am limited on being able to PM. I do not see the option to send a PM. Please PM me if possible the location of the dealer and any contact. I am in South Florida and would like to see what deal I can work out. Thanks in advance.

Miami is a joke for leasing vehicles.

There’s obviously a few of us here, but I don’t ever see anyone talking about a deal they actually did here.

I am new to this forum, I posted my last deal on edmunds however, I believe it was an ok deal. Nothing like this deal here. I am wiling to drive a bit if I can get a better deal elsewhere.

Did dealer did you get your Equinox from in socal? Thank you!

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Can someone send me a image of their contract? I’m negotiating right now and trying to make sure I get everything right. This was their starting point. Thanks!

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Same I can’t PM. Like to know the dealer as well since Im in NJ.

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What’s the area? I’m in Florida and interested in that.

@jose70mino & @Lglozano, PM sent

Phantomcypher which dealer did you use in SoCal. Thanks

If anyone is in MD and interested, there is a dealer with 2 bonus-tagged LS units that is offering $0 down, $154/month all in on a 24/10k lease assuming you qualify for everything. And you’d still be eligible for the $700 Costco card. $175/month if you don’t have Farm Bureau.

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Can you send me the contact info for your salesman. Thanks I can’t PM yet

@Phantomcypher, I’m also interested in knowing about the dealer.

Just picked up an Equinox from TR10’s dealer who set me up with a good deal as well, my numbers were higher since i got the LT with leather and had to wrap some negative equity into the new lease. I am very happy with the deal and if i didn’t have the negative the numbers would have been the same as everyone else. I would second TR10 on his dealership connection and thank you.

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