2017 E300 Sport 4Matic

In your opinion, is this car not appropriate for someone in their late twenties?
The new styling and interior is definitely very nice
Historically I feel mercedes E has built an image of being an older persons car - thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

It’s going to be your car, not sure why anyone else’s opinion matters about whether it suits you personally


Drive the car that you want – you are thinking way too hard about what other people think, they probably do not care as much as you think they do

Since you are here at LH, you will drive the car 24-36 months and you can get a new one after that so it’s not a huge commitment in the long run.

Most people here buy a car because of the “deal” available at the time they need the car and are flexible on what is available. It just really depends on what is important to you.

You will definitely feel old when @chrisgo pulls up in his 488 maserati next to your E300 :slight_smile:

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:laughing:ahaha - good one. LH approved.

Others have said this better, but buy/lease the car that impresses you, not other people.

Agreed, my wife and I are in our early 30s and own an E300. It fits our lifestyle. It is not the flashiest car, but we prefer to avoid flash.

LOL I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder - trying to avoid flash in MB E-class

I got an 2016 E350 @ 25 yrs old. I felt like an old man. Everyone driving them in LA was 50+ if not 75+

Do yourself a favor and take a pass or go to an AMG. I sold that sucker in 3 months - barely 2 payment in.

But but did they have GAP insurance?

Hashtag #LeaseHumor #Iamanerd

I guess the question is: does a twenty years old really need a family-size car?

It’s a rental! Who cares?

However, some jobs depend on your car…realtors, some people in finance etc…if your job is very image sensitive, get the car that fits the bill.

Other issues, especially for young men, is what will attract the opposite sex. In my experience, women that are attracted to men because of their flashy cars are often really high maintenance.

Think E300 v. Maserati Ghibli.

a C class is appropriate for someone in their 20s.