2017 e300 (first dealer offer)

Here is a current offer I have on a Mercedes e300? Is there anything off with these numbers? Marked up rate or are the MSDs wrong?

I would like to be about 400 with this car with MSDs

It’s a 4MATIC right… it looks like there not marking up the mf base mf for a 4 matic is .00080 with 10msd brings it down to what they are offering which is good and rare on loaner they allways try to mark it up to get the price you want you need $1700 off the selling price that would bring you to $400

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Wow that’s a surprise they didn’t lol. I guess the only other thing would be to get the price down like you said. I will let them know and see what they say!

Is that MSD amount correct?

Hopefully you can get them down do you qualify for fleet

I don’t believe so. I’m a small business owner so don’t have any corporate ties

trying to match his numbers:
added cap is 1694.
ok, so 1095 for acq and 599 for doc; neither paid upfront

47285 (base sell price) + 599 doc = 47884 (adj sell price)

what else is off?

Your calculation are incorrect you have the doc fee as $0 and license and registration at only $12 also they are allready giving base mf every Mercedes marks it up to $1095 for loaners there not going to lower it

As @Empirestate stated, your calculations are wrong. Not sure if @naderade is in a state that caps doc fee or not, but my guess is the additional cap costs are $1095 for acq fee and $599 for doc fee.

I’m in Colorado …

i updated the numbers in the calc (link) based on the corrections from the 2 guys after me. still missing about $900 pre-tax; not sure if they added something. lines 18 and 19 are missing…