2017 E300 4matic loaner too NJ/NY/CT

I made a deposit on an E300 with 8k miles and wanted to run the numbers by the fine people on this forum.

2017 E300 4Matic p1 - 10k / yr
msrp: 61,245
selling price: 46,521 (8k miles loaner)
fleet discount: 500 (??)
adjusted sale price: 47960
acquisition fee: 1095
doc fee and registration: 499 (I know total rip) + $300 NJ reg fees
taxes: 6.875%

MF: 00112 (NO MSDs included…yet. I’ll do it when I get to the CT dealer), and I’m not sure if the auto pay discount is included in this marked up MF)

Residual: 35,131 (probably because of the 8k miles, but that seems harsh at 57%)

Monthly payment $500 with all taxes and fees rolled in, and only $500 first month due at signing.

Based on the lease calculator I could get it down to $429 with autopay and $5000 MSDs. I’ll definitely do the auto pay, but i’m not sure if it makes sense to do the MSD if I plan on having someone potentially taking it over in 6-9 months when my Model 3 is supposed to arrive.

I’d appreciate any input and advice. This is the lowest I’ve gotten in the Northeast after 3 weeks of trying. My local NJ dealer wasn’t even close, but I just saw another member post something that looked really good for up here. Even though the fees and MF are marked up, the salesperson got me to the number I wanted which was $500, so please take that into account. The true discount is really less, but the total cap cost was what I was looking at. I can’t go back to them asking for the same discount and reduce the acq fee, MF, and doc fee. They would just have given me less of a discount on the car if I argued each line item.

i just got from same dealer yesterday. with msd thats a pretty good price. better than mine.

if u pay msd and include maintenance its easy to transfer over. u will get ur msd back from other party

is urs the nut brown leather? if yes… looks good.
also know that i pretty much bought at advertised price. danbury didnt discount even a penny.

This is the rip off. They are making you pay 3.5k more than the sales price … No way!!

Yes I was trying to understand why there are two “sales prices”. At $46k maybe an excellent deal but not so much at $50k. I would benchmark the price against carmax.

Thank you! So at $50k all in it’s not a good deal? I’m having a hard time getting it sub $500 in our area for loaners and thought it was a solid deal for a $61k car.

With some msds it should be around $430/month.

I am not saying not a good deal but why the 50k selling. Even accounting for the 8k miles, that is only a 2k penalty, why charge you 3.5k!?

I guess the real question is if $500 a month with just first month due at signing is a good deal for this 61k car with 8k miles. No one was even close and I’ve called about 20 dealers in the NE and Colorado(cheap listings on cars.com)

I guess it’s the same difference…3.5k in ridiculous charges and make the discount look larger. Ultimately as long as the payment was $500 I told him I could care less how they got there.

By negotiating that way, you aren’t getting the best deal possible. Sounds like the payment with the original $46k sales price would have been way under $500, but since the dealer knew you willing to pay $500, they threw in a bunch of BS fees to raise the price back up.

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Iknow, but my point is they never would have given me the car for 46k. I know that for a fact. I’ve learned on this forum enough things to not give them what you want to pay and ask for the sale price, mf, etc., but If if I said I wanted to pay $450 a month or less, it wasn’t going to happen.

Either way, is $500 a month not a good deal on this E?

Does not seem like a good deal for a loaner. I am getting similar discount on a brand new E300 (MSRP $60525)

But if you are are only going to keep it for a few months and you can’t get a better deal than this in your area, why not take it?

I think you have room to negotiate, unless you’re in a rush. You’ve already highlighted the odd parts of the deal (marked up MF, $500 fleet discount, hidden fees outside of the acquisition/doc/NJ fees), the worse they can do is say no.

Thank you all! I’m going to wait even though they ran my credit…crap I sounded like a decent deal based on what I experienced around here. I don’t think the dealers have a hard time selling MBs around NJ NY so they don’t try to deal as hard

something didn’t sound right when someone pointed out 3500 in fees. Sorry calculated something wrong. The adjusted selling price is actually $47960, so about $1500 in fees which still sounds high but more reasonable.

Sorry for the confusion! Still a poor deal??

How much is the updated account after the MSD?

$428 after $4500 in MSDs and autopay

Please let me know if you find any good dealers in the NY/NJ/CT area as I’ll be shopping a C43 soon and looking for dealers to email blast

No point blasting unless they have a C43. Check their inventory first.

Yep unfortunately inventory seems sparse in the tristate so may have to expand my search area, doesn’t bode well for the 1% rule…

Also the mercedes usa inventory search seems terrible