2017 E300 4Matic Lease. Good deal, or could I do better?

Hello All!

Ive been lurking around Leasehackr website for the past few weeks, picking up on some convos and tip, so wanted to give a quick shoutout to all the helpful info that gets posted on this page.

Ive always purchased by cars (usually CPO’s) but am looking to lease my next car and am restoring you all the pros here for tips & help :slight_smile:

Looking at staying at, or under $700/mo inc Cook County, IL taxes. Currently considering the 2017 E300 4Matic. Heres what I was offered so far:

2017 E300 4Matic
MSRP $62,865
Selling Price $57,207
12K/36 months
First months payment $785, + 390.27 doc, title, plates, electronic filing fee = $1175.27 Due at signing


Could I do better? Was quoted this via email, no back/forth.
Any other luxury/sport options in the $700 price range? Something possibly sportier?

Thanks in advance!

Shoot for at least $9k off + also use a fleet discount (penfed) controller number OR if you have a Amex Platinum Mercedez Benz card and spend $5k you will get a $1k certificate and you can put your due at lease signing (10 MSD’s) on the card which gives you 5X points.

are you sure you can do 10 MSD? Dealer says maximum is 9! I have the amex plat MB but I have not received the certificate. DO you know how long does it take once achieved the spending threshold?

Might be the state your in for MSD restriction, or maybe the model of the car. Our $1k MB certificate came in about a month after the spending threshold and we put 10 MSD deposits down. $299 a month 24/7500mi on a 2016 e250 4matic with $3000 in MSD’s. Goodluck.

Thanks for the helpful tip! Just curious how you’re coming with with that 9k figure?

Dealership won’t budge, they’re saying there all in at $767/mo INC cook county, IL taxes

Whats the MF? 5k off a car that just came out is prob the best youll do until winter incentives roll out. id look at a 16 550i.