2017 E class lease question

Is there any chance I could get a 60k MSRP 2017 left over to 48k or less?

Maybe but I think you can’t lease 2017s anymore.

2017 E-Class lease support ended at the end of February. You can only lease a 2017 C-class right now, as far as I am aware.

Yeah you can’t lease 2017 but yes when they were leasable it was possible I got a msrp $62,465 to $46,988

As an outright purchase, you easily could get that …

Anyone know of any 2017 C 300 still available for lease for <300 pm in NJ?

Look on auto trader. Filter using 2017 & keyword loaner or courtesy. Princeton, Flemington among others still have 17’s


And/or look at cars at MB dealers with sub 10k miles

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Gets a little tough because in NJ, they sell a lot of punched MB Employee lease cars at auction which happen to be C300’s. Also low mile cars can be trade assist cars. Best to look for stock #'s with L in them.

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Good to know…

I thought they moved most corp employees from NJ to ATL and Alabama? There are still a lot of punched employee cars in NJ?

They still operate customer service, warranty, NE Region, PDC and tech training. So most of the business did move, but enough left behind that you have to sort through them.

What is a punched employee car?

Retailed out of new car inventory, no longer qualifies for programs (new car).

there’s a fist indentation on the side panel from employee that did not hit their quota.


I like it but I thought the GM/SM bashed the salesperson into the panel …

That’s just for Japanese brands

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