2017 - E-300 with P1 Package

Can you please verify this deal for me:

36 months/12,000 miles
MSRP $59695.00
Sales Price $50324.00 with Amgen Fleet incentives
Residual 35220.05 59%
.00037 money factor with auto pay
$6000.00 Multiple security deposits
$80.00 Doc Fee
License/Registration $482.55
Payment $479.21
Monthly tax 34.74
TOTAL monthly payment $513.95
TOTAL due at lease signing $7076.50

Looks about right. How much is the Amgen fleet incentive?

no clue. They just gave me the number

Ok well only way to break it down any further would be get the break down on the sale price and how they got there. The rest of the numbers look good.

Only other thing to potentially try to do is getting the car to $499 with taxes. That way the security deposit would drop to $5k instead of $6k for all 10 msd.

if you look for E300 loaner, you may get it in mid 300 or 400 range. You can search the forum for the details

Where are you located? You looking for new or open to a loaner? If so yes you can potentially get a better deal.

los Angeles, California

You mean negotiate the car price down.