2017 E-300 Lease with P1 package - Lease numbers - Need feedback

Hello Folks, Can you please rate this deal and let me know, if this is good:

2017 E300 with Premium 1 package (MSRP of 59,645).
• 36 month/10k mile lease.
• MSRP - 59,645
• Sale Price: 50,800

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Zip Code: 91320

Many Thanks

Is it brand new or a loaner/demo?

PS use autopay for a further .00010 drop in MF

brand new. you mean autopay post making the deal.

This is a pretty good deal

Sign up for autopay when making the deal. Otherwise you won’t get the MF reduction afterwards

do autopay and the mf will drop to 00012. given such a low rate, would recommend you to roll in fees also.