2017 Dodge Durango V6 AWD GT Brass Monkey - NJ - Under 12 months remain

A change in jobs has me driving more miles then originally anticipated, thus I am looking to get out of this lease early. The vehicle is a 2017 Dodge Durango V6 AWD GT with the Brass Monkey cosmetic package and 15 months remaining on the lease. It’s honestly a great vehicle and I very well may buy another Durango, but I leased this with 10K miles a year and I’m driving 25K miles a year now.

This is basically fully loaded as the GT is equivalent to the limited trim of previous years. Also has a dealer installed tow hitch, including full wiring harness, and has had a full compliment of weather tech mats (4 rows) since new. MSRP was $44,180 plus another $1200 in dealer installed options.

I financed some negative equity into this deal when I originated the lease, so my payments are presently $572/mo but I am offering a $2750 incentive to bring the payments down to $389. I will also pay for the lease transfer fee ($500) and credit application fee ($150). This means you get my vehicle and $2750 in cash when the transfer paper work is completed with $0 DAS.

Vehicle presently has 22,853 miles and 35,000 miles is permitted which means you can drive an average of 809 miles/mo over the remaining term.

PM for details.


If you leased it through Chrysler Capital, you can’t transfer.

If through Ally or USBank, you’re ok.

It’s a US Bank lease and within the transfer eligible period. I just transferred my 2017 Challenger, which was also a US Bank lease, and it’s a pretty straight forward process. Does take realistically about 2 weeks to process.

Sorry man for that payment you need bigger incentive. My opinion though and good luck in transfer.

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Willing to negotiate increase of incentive for serious buyer.

What is so bad about the payment?

Based on what i have seen them go for 450 might be more reasonable. Again, like I said good luck but swapalease might work best.

450 all in I haven’t seen on here.

Taken independently, the payment isn’t awful. However, that payment for 8500 miles/yr …ehh

Oh agreed with that sorry I didn’t read the miles.

Increasing incentive another $500 to $1725 making the payments $470.

400 a month for a 44.8 msrp in 2017 i got for a friend of mine. Only 1200 DAS. That is what I was comparing to. This is NYC.

So your comparing your friends deal of effectively $433 a month to $470 and saying it’s a bad deal…most people spend $50 bucks a week eating out lol.

It was 499 initially so technically it is 70 a month. But yes even at 470 it will probably sit. After all we on a hacker website and provided my opinion if he wants to get rid of it. His choice on what he does. Ultimately it is a used car.

Since you so good at math 50 bucks a month at 36 months its 1800. I would like to keep that money in my pocket.

OP i would recommend trying Carvana and Vroom. You might be able to sell with a small loss and less headache. Get value what payoff is versus their offer.

I appreciate all the feedback. My intent of posting this vehicle here is that, I believe this is a better deal then you can get walking into a Dodge dealer TODAY and if I have to take a major loss (keep raising incentive) I would rather it benefit a private party.

Increased incentive again.

Again good luck man. Did you try carvana or vroom. I just did that for my lease.

Another incentive increase.

I think the big thing that’s going against you here is that you’re in a state where you pay the sales tax up front. That means it’s most likely cap’d and included in your payment. If I were to take it over, I’d be paying your tax that was rolled in along with my own state tax, and that drives the price up quite a bit.

If another buyer in NJ were to take over the lease, would they get taxed again?

For a NJ transfer, tax is included in the payment.

Outside of NJ, you would be subject to additional tax rules of your state. In effect, you get double taxed.

This transfer is best for somebody in NJ.