2017 Dodge Durango numbers

First and foremost - thank you all for the great wisdom gained here.

I’m negotiating over email with a dealer in MD for a 2017 Durango GT AWD with premium package, entertainment package, and the 2nd row fold/tumble captain chairs.

MSRP - $46,575
Lease price - $42,641 (latest offer and he’s telling me there’s just not much more wiggle room).

Got numbers from both CCAP and Ally

CCAP – no acquisition fee, no security deposit
CCAP MF – 36 & 39 .00002
CCAP Residual – 36 55% – 39 50%
Total rebates – $1000
Payments – 36 $565, 39 $581 (first month payment due at delivery)

Ally – $595 acquisition fee
Ally Rate – 7.25% for 36, 39 and 42
Ally Residual – 36 56%, 39 54%, 42 53%
Total rebates – $6250
Payments – 36 $627, 39 $616, 42 $596 (first month payment due at delivery)

I think they both seem inflated. Any thoughts?

Try US bank? Lower mf. When i was looking, best offer i got was 390 a month for 39 months for a 44.6k msrp plus al fees upfront. That was a 2016 though. Still if you get mf lower from US bank could be a good deal.

The rates are pretty bad, but if you are dead set on the Durango I think you can do a lot better on the selling price. I was considering a 2017 Grand Cherokee a few months back and was able to negotiate about 15% off a similarly priced vehicle (I believe MSRP on the GC was 47,050) and they were willing to sell it for $39,900. There is a good bit of manufacturer cash on those right now (I believe $1,500 + another $1,000 for loyalty and $1,000 if you have USAA). Even if you do not qualify for the USAA or Loyalty cash, I would think that you should be able to find a dealer to sell you one at $38,000-39,000, especially in light of the FCA diesel news today. If you negotiate an extra $3,000-$4,000 off the selling price, those lease deals will start to look a whole lot better.

With those residuals you are never going to get any good monthly payments. They lease really badly. Might be worth considering another car if you are price sensitive. You could get a Mercedes GLE 350 for much less than that, or an X5.

Thanks for the replies… I thought the CCAP’s MF @ .00002 wasn’t all that bad… but the residuals are definitely crap.

I’ll try and beat them down on the lease price again and if I don’t make any headway then I’ll be off to MB, BMW, or Audi to see what I can drum up. We are not deadset on the Durango… we have an SXT right now that my wife drives and we’ve had 7 Chrysler vehicles over the years so we definitely have some brand loyalty, but right now is about what makes sense… brand loyalty be damned at this point if they can’t cut us a good deal on the lease price.

If there is no time pressure then you might want to wait a month or two. The deals in Jan are horrible.

that’s good to know… I have no time pressure at this point. Giving my current vehicle to a new teenage driver sometime this summer, so was just getting the ball rolling and figured I’d pull the trigger if the deal made sense, which apparently it doesn’t at this point. I really had no idea when was and wasn’t a good time for lease specials…

December is a great month but as far as upcoming deals, look for holiday weekend etc. But sometimes manufacturers surprise us all and do random promotions just to clear stock.

I just got another email from the same dealer… it’s pretty interesting to see what happens when you start showing that you understand all the numbers.

Is it normal to charge the customer for freight on a lease? They have a $995 freight charge tagged in along with a $299 processing fee, which I assume is the MVA tags/title/etc… fee.

Even if you can get the sales price down a few further thousand, the lack of rebates and poor residual makes the leasing program(s) on this vehicle undesirable.

thanks will… I think I’ll take the advice of the general forum consensus and seek other options!

go with an acadia. great residuals. search the forum for past deals

The 18 should have the new 8 speed gearbox and a more refined engine so might be worth waiting for that.

No. We negotiate a selling price that includes Destination & Handling aka Freight.

Never assume. Ask and verify. In this instance, 99.99% of the time anything called a Doc or Processing Fee goes into the dealer’s pocket, it is not paying your tags/title which you will pay in addition.

thank you!!! I love this forum, great information