2017 Discovery Sport SE - Help me understand these numbers

MSRP: $41,800
7500 miles per year
$320 Monthly payment includes tax.

4,895 total due includes
capitalized cost reduction,
first month’s payment,
acquisition fee,
tax, tag and
$598 administrative/documentary fee

How much of that is CCR? (and why?)
At first glance, it doesnt seem like a great deal: Low miles, tax not included and CCR reduction

Break the numbers down more and it would provide a better idea of what youre working with and what you can do about it.

RV and MF would help too.

As i understand , working backwards

4900 - first month payment ( 320 ) - Acquisition fee (800 ) - 600 administrative/documentary fee = 3180

now I need to get the details of tax and tag in that 3180 and as you mentioned - RV and MF