2017 Cruze LT North Delaware

Hi all,

I’ve got an initial price from a dealer (waiting for others) for a 36 month lease at 15k miles for $347 per month. MSRP on the vehicle is $25,705 and sale price is listed at $23,679. They told me the lowest MF from the financial institution is 0.00085 which I presumably would qualify for with a 770+ credit.

I’m not sure what the residual is, and I’m assuming I can’t use MSDs since its Chevy, but I’m looking for any general guidance on this as it’s my first leasing experience. I’m located near dealers in 4 states and am wondering if I should be focusing on local dealers in Delaware or nearby PA, MD, or NJ.

Appreciate any help!

$347? Yikes, I could lease 2 Equinox’s right now for less than that. Not a good deal…you can do better.

A 24 month lease is .00070 MF with $1,225 lease cash. They are correct 36 month mf is .00085.

Residuals for 15,000 miles 24 are .65 and 36 are .56

Add a couple points for lower mileage. A 24 month lease at 15,000 miles with your discount i Calculate $350.26 but not sure on how Delaware tax works on a lease. I added in $949 of tax.

You need more incentives like loyalty or conquest and Costco pricing.

Thanks for the help. I’m thinking I’ll branch out a bit more and consider some other options. The Cruze just doesn’t seem to be a worthy deal at this point, but perhaps I’ll get some better offers elsewhere.

True and for 141 more, you could lease a Maserati.So, take our advice and say no to cruze for anything other than 1xx a month.

Thanks, and I wouldn’t touch the offers I’ve received so far with a ten foot pole. :slight_smile: