2017 Colorado 4x4 Crew LT

Thanks to all the great info from my post yesterday about MF and Residual.
This will be my first GM lease in about 20 years. What can expect when negotiating a price on these trucks? I’m used to leasing F-150 and Ram trucks which the dealers are always somewhere under invoice and the lease rebates are easily understood. All I see is $500 conquest and $500 farm bureau in Ohio. Has anybody got more rebates? Were you able to get under invoice? Can you stack rebates?

Hey as an auto broker in ny the rebates are the same for the Colorado as Ohio I can sell you at invoice. The reason why gm trucks are never sold under invoice is because there is no holdback money . Holdback money is money that gm gives dealers to play around with when they have to go under invoice.

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Thanks. I’m looking to lease. I just got to figure out how the rebates work. Lols like some dealers are offer some type of bonus tag special 1000 off MSRP

There is about 3 percent in the car so take the msrp and subtract 3 percent that’s about the invoice

Thanks. I’m going to give up on this lease for now. Great residuals but MF are high even with a one pay. Maybe things will change in March.:unamused:

I would hope that more experienced pickup buyers would weigh in. 3% off MSRP seems too little of a discount to me.

Also, maybe @michael or @RVguy can suggest alternative banks/CUs that have better leasing programs than GM’s

The Canyon and Colorado are selling too well for GM or dealers to offer much in the way of discounts.