2017 Civic hatchback Sport Lease

MSRP 29175
Residual 16921 (58%)
Money Factor 0.00080
Sales price 27790
447 x36 month with 0 down
377 X 36 months with 2271 out of pocket

Some cars do not lease better. For making good lease, you need,

  1. Higher residuals
  2. Good discount from MSRP
  3. Factory incentives
  4. Loyalty/Fleet/other incentives

The above quote is just horrible

So what do I need to tell the salesperson ?
More discount on the sales price ?

and low Money Factor.

You can, but ultimately I think you’ll come to the conclusion that some cars do not lease well.

Popular car `(= not enough discount) + 58% RV + .00080 MF = not going to lease well.

is this a regular sport or a sport touring?

MSRP seems pretty damn high for a regular sport.

This is the Sports touring

As some of us pointed out, this car is not going to lease well, even if the dealer gives some discount.
If money is only concern and if you are looking in to different cars, you can get something like below. (I do not work/endorse this company, just for giving an idea).


But if you really want want the same car(civic touring), you have very little room for negotiation. Some popular cars have good residuals such as Highlander. Ultimately you need to decide whether you looking for value or the specific car.

Also certain trims do not lease better, for example you can get civic LX for $179


With Honda, you can almost reliably predict that the higher trim levels will have lower RV than lower trim levels.