2017 Civic $99/mon with $4000 deposit. Is it not a scam?

Hi I’m a first timer to lease a car. I looked around on the internet for a cheap lease deal. They said the price includes all the fees on the phone. Nothing more. the other sellers usually posted more than $130 per month. I just wonder if there’s something fishy I can’t find without background knowledge. Help me please

thank you

That’s a terrible deal.

Agger—they are asking for $4000 down. You want to see that kind of monthly payment with $0 down with basically only first month and DMV fees due at signing. They’re basically charging sticker price.

And it’s only a 24mo lease. Take the $4000 and amortize it over the 24mo and you have an almost $275/mo payment, which fails the general guideline your monthly payment should be less than 1% of MSRP.

OP is right. This is a scam. The dealer is giving you a terrible lease with lots of profit for him so he can book his summer vacation in Monaco.

If you put $4000 down, your monthly should be $0/month

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