2017 Chevy Volt Premier Lease

I was able to get into a lease at these terms;

2017 Chevy Volt Premier Lease

MSRP: 41107
4k drive off
230 a month tax included
12k miles a year
wear and tear added into 230 a month.

Not sure if this is awesome deal but it was the best I could find.

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4K drive off is a big no no in this forum. Look for 0,0,0 and then evaluate the deal

What was included in the 4k off? Do you also get the 2500 cali rebate? Does not sound like a bad deal without all numbers.

The volt gets a 1500 rebate so it will be like 2.5k down, yes I’d love to put 0 down but then payment would be way higher, this is the middle ground?

Can you share the dealership & sales person you worked with to get that deal? I’d love to get the same deal.


It was the Chevy dealer in Redwood city, ca. Broadway Chevy, Not sure of the guys name, I just called and told them the deal I was looking for.

Thanks, did you end up getting that deal? I tried getting the same deal with no luck so far.