2017 Chevy Volt LT with add ons

after a grueling 4 hour session in the chevy dealership i walked away with

36 mo / 12,000 miles
$1600 drive off (crossing fingers for the CA rebate to be refunded)
$262/ mo including tax
first month waived

this is for a 2017 Chevy Volt LT with leather seats and bose sound system comfort package
did i get a good deal?

i noticed a few others on here with slightly better deals but i dont think they got the extra add ons (should it make a big difference?)

i also got the GM financial XS WEAR which is so expensive now but it does provide peace of mind.
when trading in my 2013 volt i noticed that i had really scratched up all the wheels and was a dent in the back bumper as well as lots of scratches. this bumped up my monthly by about $20 to $282

im in the LA area

Seems like a pretty good deal to me. If you are happy, that is all that really matters. Can’t really know unless you post the detailed numbers.

I guess $720 isn’t too bad for the XS Wear if it gives you peace of mind. GM Financial does have a program currently if you lease another GM, they will waive up to $500 of damage. Don’t know if that will still be true in 3 years, but it has been for about the last 10 months at least.

Please post the full numbers (MSRP, residual, sales price, MF, fees, rebates) and then we can tell you if you got a good deal :slight_smile:

Good? Yes…I think you could have beat them down a little more, similar deals have been reported $1500 drive off and a little over $200/mo but sometimes it depends on if you qualify for incentives and if you get a Private Offer

im posting here a photo of my lease agreement that has all the numbers they punched in. this is after they added in XS GM Wear and Tear cost of $1,025.00

i put down $400 of this $1,025 up front so that my monthly payments were bumped up to $282 instead of $295.

i just want to make sure i didnt get weirdly ripped off or any shady things added in at the end…

does anyone know if i find a discrepancy in the contract, can i go back and have them fix it? or is it too late now that ive signed the contract?

thanks everyone

one more thing, the actual msrp listed on the XSWEAR form is $36,185. dont know if that makes a difference…