2017 Chevy Volt LT (in CA)

Just signed on the attached deal at Dublin Chevrolet in CA:

$0 Down
Residual: 48%
MF: .0004
Monthly Payment including Taxes: $247

Is this a good deal up to this point?

I have this in addition:

Additional Rebates:

  • CA Rebate: $1500 cash
  • Employer “Green Car” Incentive: $2000 cash
  • Costco Cash Card: $700 cash

Total Cost: 36 * 247 = $8,892 - $4200

Efective Net Cost: $4692/36=$130.33/mo


Looks good to me! I’d do it especially considering the $4,200 in money after the deal. Just watch the nonwarranty repairs for most of that 3rd year if you go over 36,000 miles. Small gamble but for that payment it is worth it in my opinion.

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That is a very good deal. I got $240/mo including taxes and have CA Rebate. Don’t have qualifying employer. I was denied Costco Cash card saying Volt is not included. Do you have any document that says Volt is included in GM Costco offer?


Just go to the Costco Auto home page and click on the GM Holiday Sales Event icon and it lists the eligible vehicles. Volt wasn’t initially eligible, but it has recently been added as an eligible model along with a few others. If you leased it when it was not eligible, call Costco and see if they will apply it retroactively.

What is the amount on line 28 that says Driveoff? Hard to read. With 0 down, I was expecting it to be zero.

Drive off was $0. Even the finance manager was surprised when we were doing the paperwork.

Cool. Would you mind posting a legible picture of the terms? Thinking of using that for negotiating. Thanks.

Do you mind sharing the sales contact?

My bad. Turns out it’s just a supplier discount. There is no “supplier rebate”.

Do you mind sharing the sales contact?

Thanks a lot!

i wish my employer had a green vehicle rebate, that would be great!

as long as I’m making xmas wishes, I want free plug in charging at the office too :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. By using your numbers, I leased my Volt yesterday with similar price in San Leandro, CA.
36 months, 15k/yr
MSRP $34,555
drive off: $1122.60
monthly payment: $237.65

I will receive $1500 CVRP and $700 costco cash card after purchase.

thats a fair deal.

Our current California deal @ DSR is…

$595 Drive off
$228 with tax payment @ 8.5% tax

$34095 MSRP

.00040 MF
51% for 10k miles
$595 bank fee
$7360 in rebates
$1500 CA Rebate
$300 to $700 costco giftcard

Anthony @ https://dsrleasing.com

Hey man, what about Bolts??

looks like we’re going to be $2k to $3k off msrp.

i’ll post a lease special soon.

Ok, turns out I can only purchase, but still interested!

Just when I’m about to give up on my Bolt dream you reel me back in. My Bolt is being built next week and I’m all set to pass on it because I can’t justify the expense vs a lower milage EV. 3k off and I’m back in. You tease!

How did the $7,360 “rebate” amount listed on the quote break down? i.e. what incentives were you taking advantage of to effectively reduce the cap cost? Curious whether this requires an existing lease in the household to qualify.

The $7360 does include the $500 conquest rebates yes.

However we are not factoring in the rebate you receive from the State of California. We’ve seen some dealers advertising $0 down including the state rebate which means you have to put $1500 down and get reimbursed from the state.

Hi Folks, I’m new to this and wondering how much room there is to negotiate a Volt LT lease offer in Oregon:

Additional Rebates:

  • OR Rebate: $2500 cash
  • Costco Cash Card: $700 cash