2017 Chevy Volt in MA

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Chevy Volt LT & Premier]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/10K and 24/10k]
Zip Code: [02119]

Hi, I’m asking for the numbers on a 2017 Chevy Volt here in MA. I am thinking about grabbing one this month to replace my wife’s 2008 Passat VR6 AWD wagon. We picked it up pretty cheap a couple of years back so I’d either trade it in or sell it on Craigslist. I want to get the Volt numbers so I can aim to get one of those great deals that other members have been getting in CA. Thanks!

I’ve been digging around a little and it looks like there are no 24 month leases offered and this is what the lease cash looks like in MA:

LT: 4610 + 2250 + 3000 conquest lease + 500 Farm Bureau
Premier: 4235 + 2250 + 3000 conquest lease + 500 Farm Bureau

I have seen some deals here also include a 500 Bonus Cash Rebate. Is this offered on all Volts or is that simply the Farm Bureau discount? I would either like to lease a LT model with Bose or step up to a Premier depending on which one leases out better. Can anyone confirm these incentives for Massachusetts?

Bonus Tag Cash is separate from Farm Bureau Incentive. Select VINs on dealer lots are assigned Bonus Tags and have the additional incentive.

Thanks @Michael! I’ve been hearing some pretty crazy discounts here in MA. I’ve confirmed dealer discounts of about 15% off MSRP before lease cash and incentives. Should make for some killer deals!

Please share the dealer sheets (pictures, if possible) of your best quotes. That can help those of us looking for better offers elsewhere!


@HK_VA I will definitely try. I am planning on going to the dealership later this week. I’m not sure if the 15% off dealer discount is including some kind of Bonus Tag but it is a substantial dealer discount.

Volt? Honda Clarity much more comfy. Ma deals are in motion

You must be getting a good kickback from your dealer to be pushing your Clarity deal so much.

Reviving a 2 year old thread? :man_facepalming:


Exactly. 2020020200220020

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