2017 chevy volt deal in negotiation

Hi Everyone,

Ive begun the negotiation to exit my terrible Silverado lease and get into a volt. I have about 9 payments left @ 513/mo. The dealer in question sent me some numbers after asking and asking.

msrp: 34,755

rebate: 7360

savings: 3488 (im guessing this is dealer discount)

which leaves: 23907

MF: .00069 (he said around this number so im waiting for a hard answer)

39/mo 12k is 356.46 (burying the almost 5k from the silverado) with only first payment out of pocket)

The kicker here is the vehicle has 2000 miles on it. He said this doesn’t affect my mileage, but i feel like with the g.m. retiree program in place, they should probably do better considering the mileage. Im thinking about asking for a straight 15% off msrp before rebates and a 3g month term

thoughts? advice?

thanks ,


Trying to use your numbers… I get a monthly payment of $304 without the $5,000 rolled in. With it rolled in, I get about $440. I ma using a rv of .48 for 39 months and a mf of .00062 (base rate). Are you sure your dealer is doing anything with our truck lease? If that really is after adding $4,617 of Silverado lease payments, I would take that payment and run!

Edit: Unless you actually having some positive equity in your truck.

upon speaking with him, he mentioned they were doing something with the remaining payments to help me out. which honestly i dont really believe him. but if the payment is what he said, its right where i wanted to be. might even have some leverage to sell early.

@adamcar or anyone else. I am about to make an appointment to go in and sign and take delivery. I found two pages in the gm financial handbook that i think applies here and was wondering if anyone could shed some light.

The vehicle has 2000 miles on it and he quoted me a mf of .00069. I was wondering how the mileage should affect the lease from a payment standpoint. also i know the mf should be .00062 as per the gm financial book. We have A+ credit. The below images might as well be in german to me

The fine print says:

Trade Payoff: $2,635
Taxes: $2,514
Fees: $315

Where’s the acq fee? Isn’t it something like $595?

Also: The trade payoff is <<<< less than the sum of the remaining payments. That means you have less negative equity than you think. If you can work on that, bring it down further. See what it’s worth from KBB, Edmunds and Carmax. What’s your payoff?

I don’t think the mileage (2,000 on odo now) affects the payment AFAIK. The second page is saying your 2,000 miles will be added to the 39,000 you are leasing, so the odo can read 41,000 at the end w/o incurring any mileage penalties. That’s my understanding anyway.

@max_g i was reading it like i could get them to take .20 cents per mile of that off the car, essentially buying back the miles

I’m going by the second part of the “OR” statement…if the contract says lease-end mileage is 41k, you get to drive 39k over 39 months

How is the tax ~2500?

I get ~1680

He just called. 1982 is taxes with first payment and the payment is 302. Seems the taxes above are for purchase. I dont the seem to be saving enough to drop 2k on the table.

test drive went well, love that car. however for 2k miles that car has some use on it. the interior was a mess and the charger looks like it was dragged a few miles on the pavement. sales guy wasnt in today but told me he would try to get the same deal on a different car. in the meantime, i had to make a payment on my current lease.

that car having 2000 miles on it the discount should be closer to $5000 off MSRP

We currently have a deal for hackr customers @ $4000 off MSRP

( We may actually be able to negotiate down your lease payoff if with ALLY or GM Financial)

MSRP of $34095
$315 per month with tax / $945 due at signing
California deal


unfortunately @Anthony_Lopez im in NY. Are you saying i should ask for that 3488 to be bumped to 5000, and are you also saying they may be negotiating that payoff down to 2635 from 5k?

thanks for your input, i appreciate it

yes thats exactly what im saying. They are showing $2635 as the trade negative not $5000.

if your negative is actually $5000 then the deal makes sense rolling the $2635 because the difference of $2365 can be considered as discount in addition to the $3488.

Dealers use some really stupid ways of looking at the numbers, their is no sense in showing it this way versus a higher discount and the regular $5000 in negative,

That way has you paying more in sales tax and less trade credit if you get trade credits in NY.

ok, if you could please enlighten me as to what the numbers ideally should look like? My payoff after my last payment is now $4,618.62. thanks.


hello everyone,

thank you for all the help. i ended up with a volt with msrp 36,190.

Payment of 359/12k burying 4,256. included is the wear and tear coverage and an extra charger (im converting one to 240v).

Im happy with the car and the payment. thanks for all the info and support