2017 Chevy Volt $152.99 per month

2017 Chevy Volt LT Hatchback:
MSRP: [$36,275]
Selling Price: [$32,705]
Rebates: [10,604]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [0.00062]
Residual: [18,500.25]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$1,500] including incentives tax, acquisition fee & etc.
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$152.99] * 35 months

Zip Code: [92130]
Sales Tax Rate: [7.75%]
Post purchase rebate: [1,500] California state clean vehicle

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The Rebates, Incentives, Dealer Discounts including:
Dealer Discount : $3,575
CCR : $4,610
Cash: $2,250
Asian car lease incentive: $3,000 (for those who curernt leasing asian cars)
Bonus Tag: $500 (special VINs)

Cal State: $1,500 (need to apply after purchase)

Total Rebates & Incentives: $15, 435

Could you plz let me know where did you get this deal? Thanks.

I would love to know the dealer in Cali too

Looks great! I wouldn’t mind replicating something like this in MA. I believe we get a 2500 rebate from the state but I’m not sure if the Volt qualifies.

Nice deal on the volt. Looks like sales of Volt will also crush those of Bolt this month. Why would anybody pay three times more for a Bolt that has a simialr msrp?

Unless gas goes back to over $4.00 per gallon, you are correct. Even if that does happen, you can still drive a Volt about 60 miles between charges using no gasoline.

The Bolt will have a lot of cash on the hood soon enough…

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I think it’s because it’s “new” just have patience and wait. Can’t wait for model3 and others to join the crowd. I love having choices on the market. I just hope the incentives for EVs don’t go away anytime soon.

Great deal on Chevy Volt.

What exactly is the"Bonus Tag" 500? Is that the farm bureau discount? Also, how does the 7500 tax credit factor into the price of the car? Does Chevy pass that to the consumer by reducing the sale price of the car?

The dealership is: Weseloh Chey, in Carlsbad, CA

The bonus tag is for those cars with special VINs ($500). But, currently, I feel we would like to choose a basic model, which MSRP $2000 down, I would get a basic Volt for about ~$100 / month. But I am still very satisfied with this car with leather, heated seats, bose audio and etc.

The $3,000 incentive is for the people who is leasing an Asian car. I was on a lease of a Subaru Outback. (I sold to Carmax later)

The whole process just took me 1.5 hours, I can’t ask more.

Thanks for the info @joelwang. I am actually looking for an LT with leather and other packages myself. My wife would probably appreciate the extra comforts instead of a basic Volt. Is there a way to know which VINs qualify for the special tag? I’ve actually been trying to find an LT with the Bose audio but have had no luck at all.

Can i get the salesman’s name and contact?

I would like to get the same deal

Interested in dealer details also please!

My salesman is Ian Reid. but I think sales people doesn’t matter, the important thing is whehter you are eligible for those incentives.

Actually, my car has exactly leather with bose audio. When I bought it, they have another same car with white color.

good deal might have to look into it

How do you get them to discount the car before incentives. Every dealer I work with seems to think that the incentives are the discount.

Offer the terms of the OP to the Internet manager or sales manager.

Where are you located? Not every market is as competitive as CA.

@max_g I am in Nassau County NY (11576) – I qualify for about 7K in incentives on the premier, but the numbers are still in the mid to high 300’s without taxes 36/10.

MSRP is 40,025 – They only discounting before incentives to 38,000

Sorry for the slight hijack. Can anyone confirm what the minimum lease is to attract the Ca federal rebate? I thought it was 30Mo but the deal I just went to wouldn’t do it for less than a 36 Mo lease.