2017 Chevy Traverse MSRP Discounts

What sort of discounts off the MSRP are people seeing in December for a 2017 Traverse Premier AWD and/or 2LT AWD? Or is there a better deal on a different mid-size SUV I should be pursuing?

Well with Costco you are at the very least getting employee pricing, but you should be able to get more on these. 1900 in lease cash this month, conquest or Loyalty plus low interest rates and decent residuals should make for a good deal if you can find the right dealer. Lower trims have higher residual too, but pickings are getting slim.

Yeah, the MF/RV seem good for a mid size SUV.

24/10 - .00040 and 59%
36/10 - .00044 and 53%

With 1900 in lease cash and 1500 for my competitive lease, if I can get the MSRP down, it could be a good deal. For whatever reason, my local dealer has a ton of 2017 2LTs and Premiers in stock so there’s actually a lot to choose from.

I was just curious if anyone had some recent experience negotiating on one of these.

I’ve been getting about 11% off on 1LTs, but I’m pretty sure that there’s more room, especially now at the end of the year with sales down across the board. But there’s people here who know more than I do.