2017 Chevy Camaro 1SS Lease 0 Drive off 449 a month Deal?

38105 Msrp
35590 Purchase Price
500 Taxed Incentives
56% Residual
0 Drive Off No Registration, No Doc Fee etc…
MF .00167
449 a month for 48 months 12k per yr

Wanted some input from the experts. Is this a good deal?

It may be about the best you can do but in general seems like a not good lease.

It’s not bad considering it’s a Camaro, and it can be harder to get a lot of incentives and discounts on them. I’d try and get the $1000 Chevy private offer.

For that price I would rather get a q50 Silver Sport.

You can get a Denali Sierra for less than that in my opinion.

Wait a few more months and they will be incentives on the Camaro. They are not selling well and are piling up on lots.