2017 Chevy Bolt in NYC - Is this a good deal?

Car: Chevy Bolt EV w/ DC fast charge, comfort and confidence packages

MSRP $39,295.00
Sales Price $37,686.00
Incentives $4,000.00
Down Payment $0
Residual 61%
Lease Term 36
MF 0.00088
Acquisition Fee $595.00

Sales Tax % 8.625%

Dealer quoted monthly payment: $319 per month.

This was just a first pass by phone. The dealer was trying to make it seem like this was an amazing deal, and that I qualified for all of these amazing rebates, but it seems like it is the standard $4k off any Bolt that I’m seeing in this area.

Any thoughts on places to negotiate downward?

There aren’t many Bolts left in my area with DC fast charge. The dealers around here appear to be trying to get rid of their non-fast charge stock that they have on the lots.