2017 Chevy Bolt EV Lease Return Question

My 2017 Chevy Bolt lease will mature in early October but decided to return it 1+ months early because I was told I will only be responsible for the disposition fee + wear and tear + any monthly remaining (in my case there is 1 more payment that I am supposed to make).

Today I got a letter form GM financial saying:
"The amount you owe for early termination will be no more than the difference between the Gross early Termination amount stated above and (1) the appraised value of the vehicle or (2) if there is no appraisal, either the price received for the vehicle upon disposition or a greater amount established by the lessor or the lease contract.

On the lease contract the residual value is $22,xxx but apperantly the market value is only about $14,xxx - 15,xxx?

I am worried seeing the letter wondering if I have violated any part of the lease contract just because of returning it 1.5 months early with 1 remaining payment.
Will it end up causing me thousands of dollars?

Anyone has any experience of this? ! :pensive: :pensive:

Hi Bejboy,

I had received a similar letter from GM when I turned in my Volt lease 3 months early. I made the payments first and then called them to schedule a lease return. I was a bit concerned, but after calling GM, they told me that this is standard procedure, since they were selling the vehicle at auction. They said that if I met all the requirements in the contract (all payments made) and there was no additional wear and tear, I would be clear. I handed the car into my dealer, leased a Bolt and I did eventually receive a letter telling me that my account was closed and I did not owe anything. You may want to call them for piece of mind. Hope this helps.


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It gets sent to everyone with early termination (CA and NY law) it’s stupid and means nothing. Just ignore it and you’ll be good! :+1:


Thanks guys. Guess I will just wait a little bit for the final bill.

In fact it id Beneficial For Customer . As You do have to pay any wear & tear as well as disposition fees as car gets auctions . In case car gets More then return price then you will benefit . But in case it got sold less then customer does Owe Nothing more . I just paid my remaining months . I returned My car around three months early , but i was Over mileage By around 1500 Miles . In fact they did not charge me for Over mileage too . Hope this Help . But i agree Letter wording really Gives You heart attack …

definitely some relief after reading your comment. thanks a lot!

Does anyone know if you will need to call local dealership to schedule a lease return? Or can you just drive-in at any time?

I would definitely schedule it

Get your inspection first, or you will be at the mercy of the unseen inspector and his list of charges.

Does anyone know how it works with registration? My Bolt lease ends on the 19th. If I return it on the 18th or 19th the registration is still current. But if I return the lease after that on the 20th or beyond, am I responsible for the next year’s registration?

You sure do!
And Chevy will charge you a late fee too.

Does Chevy allow you to extend leases a few weeks / months as well?

Thank you for the pre-inspection reminder!

Just an update for future onlookers here.

I called the dealership closest to me about the lease return, and they refused to take my car. They said they only have so many spots reserved for their own dealership, but if I get another car through them, they’d be able to take my lease back. Not sure if this was BS lie but I’ve decided to take the car back to the original dealership since it’s still within an hour drive to save myself the trouble.

not a lie usually, they might be full.

I had the same problem trying to ground my Fiat, none of the Chryslers would take it and the 2 Fiat dealers nearby closed.