2017 Chevrolet Volt LT $116, $0 out of pocket

2017 Chevrolet Volt LT

MSRP: $34095
Dealer Discount : $3,773
Selling Price: $30322
Rebates & Incentives : total: $10360 ( CCR : $4,610, Cash: $2,250, Asian car lease incentive: $3,000, Bonus Tag: $500)
Trade-in: $0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000

MF: .00062
Residual: 50%

Security Deposit: $0
Total Due At Signing: $1,500 ( includes, first month payment, doc, license fees…)
Post purchase rebate: 1,500 California state clean vehicle, so $0 out of pocket
Monthly Payment : $116
OC Tax Rate: 7.75%
*Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $125 35 months

Zip Code: [92646]

Total lease cost : $4375
Leasehackr Score : 23.5 years

Credits to
LESLIE EID ( Fleet/internet manager at Simpson Irvine ) for making this amazing deal happen.

Cheers and happy leasehackr to all of you :))


Nice LH score…well done.

Is this from the dealer?

i believe its from Chevy.

wow might have to jump on this
thanks for info

Congratulations – very good job!

Setting the benchmark… nice deal!!!

also wondering how does financing work?
Did you get a good rate from Chevy (if so, what’s the rate) or did you go with a different lender?

it was through GM financial, the process was very smooth, i did my homework really well and shared and reviewed all the numbers with the internet sales manager and she was very transparent about it, no BS.

Waiting for a call back from Leslie as we speak… Could be good news for us you finding this deal! Thanks for the share

Nice deal on the volt. Essentially volt for price of cruze.

No go on German leases, only Asian at the moment, otherwise you’d have to pay 2500 more.

First time poster! FYI, I spoke with their Fleet / Internet Manager and he said that this is a deal he can do over and over again. Very tempted.

EDIT: And I said he and not she because apparently Leslie was leaving that dealership soon. Don’t know how true that is.

What is the MF & RV for 24months/15K?
SCAL, does everyone qualify for the GM CCR $4610 & CCR $2250?

yes Leslie mentioned that she is leaving Simpson irvine very soon but she said they will honor the same deal as long as you meet their requirements and rebates, good luck guys.

i don’t know the numbers for 24m/15k but i when i was at the dealer i asked about 36/15k, she mentioned that the MF stays the same (.00062) but the residual drops 2% which is (48%). good luck

oh and yes, i believe all SOCAL residence qualify for GM CCR $4610 & $2250.

Great deal! I used this to get $110 + tax with 1500 down. thanks!
Martin Chevrolet in Southern California. Talk to Evelyn.

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On thses deals its almost worth it to lease a vehicle that gets you qualified for the rebate, and then resell that lease at a loss. If you were really good at it you could probably make a fair amount of money flipping car leases as long as you didn’t care what your own personal car was.

Can’t do it because your Asian lease must expire in less than 365 days. Nobody offers a one year lease that I know of.