2017 Chevrolet Bolt Pricing and Options Guides

Hi Everyone,

We just posted all of the standard options, optional equipment and pricing on the Chevrolet Bolt’s LT & Premier models.


Hope this helps!!

Anthony @ DSR Leasing

You really think leases will be that good?? And hit dealer lots next month??

Btw, you have a premier artic blue with fast charging, infotainment, and DCII on order? :wink:

Wow - that monthly would be fantastic!!

Probably wishful thinking for a lease deal like that…

It’s Nov 1st. Do you have an Bolt lease numbers??

The system updates at 2p today and again at midnight. we’ll know soon if GM financial publishes them.

Thank you very much.

Dealers are greedy thieves. So they will want 4k down and 399 a month :slight_smile:

yeah that sounds about right