2017 chevrolet bolt ev? (200 miles range under 35k)

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Let’s get the news started. This will be a great car coming out for Chevrolet very soon! Any new news can be added here to share with others. I’m in Northern California. If anyone would like to email back and fourth I can be reached at paul.duran@dgdg.com

I got to sit in a 2017 Bolt EV in Las Vegas for the show this year. It was very, very cool. We didn’t get to test drive the car, however we did get to sit and learn about the car. Looking forward to getting feedback from others that are into cars like this.

Specs don’t make the car, but in the case of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, an all-electric compact that will enter production this year, there are a few figures that are genuinely quite important. First is range, and the Bolt is promising to deliver 200 miles on a charge – or more, depending on how you drive it. That’s impressive for a little EV, but even more important is the second number: price.

The Bolt will be available to consumers nationwide for a starting price somewhere below $30,000. Just to be clear, that’s after a $7,500 federal rebate for EVs, so the MSRP will probably actually be closer to $37,500. Few would genuinely call that “cheap,” but at that price the Bolt will become the best mix of cost and range for a mass-market EV.

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It looks like a cross between a C-Max and a Prius C.

Very excited about this car. What do you think the leases will look like?

When can we order one??

Awesome. My dad’s Volt lease ends this November. He might get a Bolt EV if the deals are reasonable. If not, he’ll likely get another Volt.

Hopefully programs are good and inventories are high!

Yes very close. But much more room. :blush:

I sure hope we get a sneak peek soon. I’m guessing a few more months.

You can be put on a list as of right now. Or you can one of the first to place a order.

I’m sure they will be. Time will tell. I’m hoping that we see a lot on the first build. But that highly unlikely.

Usually when they first come out dealers will hold firm. But after a few years they tend to discount more. This should new exciting technology for year to come. And it’s just getting more and more affordable.

There has still been no official announcement of when anyone can place a factory order…do you know something the rest of us don’t?

Don’t be like the “enthusiasts” who leased their BMW i3 for $800 from the factory at launch and now see the cars leasing for $89

My sentiments exactly. To be honest I find the car plain ugly. I don’t like the styling whatsoever and it’s the same reason I won’t get a Nissan Leaf even-though I only drive 8 miles each way to work. Sure it’s out a year (probably more like 18 months) earlier than the Model 3, but the Tesla is such a pretty car. In my opinion Chevy could’ve hit a home here with better styling, but dropped the car down the ugly tree instead.

Plus there’s the whole drag coefficient thing:

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Why can’t GM design an EV in a normal sedan shell, like Model 3? This hatchback is not very attractive.

It’s called the Volt.

And the CD thing is way overblown. The Spark EV has the worst CD out of these similar vehicles: Fiat 500e, Leaf, and i-miev, yet the Spark’s official EPA MPGe ratings are higher than all of them. CD isn’t everything.

Plus trying to compare CD numbers across manufacturers is almost worthless too. Each manufacturer tests their vehicles under their own settings, so a .32 CD from Chevy may actually be better than a .28 figure published by Toyota if tested in the same wind tunnel.

Kinda surprised they didn’t decide to offer a full EV of the Volt, especially if they stretched the platform by 6-12 inches to improve rear legroom for longer trips and maybe cargo space a little. The Volt looks really nice, like a normal car, maybe even a little sporty and aggressive. I would think they could still hit their 200+ mile range with that body if they had the extra room for a larger battery.

When, oh when, will there be some concrete news for Bolt ordering???

I’m on my second Volt (65K miles combined) and have LOVED both of them, however after just leasing a new X5 40e last week (because GM still doesn’t have a CUV with the Voltec powertrain!) I’m getting tired of waiting for some Bolt news. My Volt lease runs out in Feb and would like to add a Bolt to the stable - GM is doing a terrible job holding back information regarding MSRP, fast charging options, etc.

I’ve personally initiated four other Volt leases (family, friends and co-workers) and many of these folks are nearing the end of their leases. I’d love to be able to tell them more details about the Bolt but GM is really dropping the ball here.


Given that he was getting 4.8 miles per kwh, he must have been driving like an old lady at 20 mph lol

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I still have order slots available. If you know of anyone that’s in Northern California that would like to order or to take one in stock please send them my information.

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