2017 Cherokee 4x4 Limited

Pretty decked out with options, High Altitude
Msrp $38k
I don’t know MF or RV offhand
10k miles/39 months
$0 down / $447 month
$2k down / $392 month

How does this look to you guys?

Make sure you include the trim level and any information you can.

I was going this route…got numbers similar to yours.

I was told that the cherokees lease like garbage…and that you can get a Grand Cherokee Limited (around 41k) for cheaper than that. I’m a newbie here…but i was looking at just about the same thing as you.

I just updated. Yeah I saw your post earlier, did you end up going for the gc? I liked the drive of the Cherokee more but if I can get a better deal on a gc I might go for it

I didn’t do anything yet. I was seeing what they would offer, but nothing that hit my budget that i wanted to be in. I’m still hunting around. Waiting for the memorial day or the July deals…it’s a waiting game for now.

Good luck

The only good Cherokee lease is the trailhawk and you need to be true employee pricing.

If you’re not - just move on to the Grand Cherokee Laredo.

The altitude package is pretty nice on the Grand Cherokee

I hear those are hard to order right now - any truth in VA?

I believe the Sunroof is restricted.

Looks like a bad lease. And I don’t think it’s a good ideal to lease past the bumper to bumper warranty. I also don’t like leasing for increments of years because you have to pay for registration maybe inspection for an extra year. Yes perhaps the state will refund a portion of the registration but why go through all that hassle if you don’t need to.

I guess if the deal was better enough to go 27/39/42 months it would be worth considering,

What do you think of $415/month, 0 down, 10k, 39 months? Drive off is just 1st month, everything is rolled in

What’s the MSRP?


I can’t remember what the rebates are but msrp is $39k.

I got it to $415 for 36 months

That’s a great payment for a higher dollar Wrangler. Did you get it?

They’re holding it, I’m picking it up tues or wed