2017 Cadillac Escalade Luxury 4WD lease / NJ

Anyone finding good deals on an Escalade? I’ve been getting some pretty high quotes.

Here’s one for example.

2017 Cadillac Escalade Luxury 4WD

Sticker: $85,295
Selling price: 76,495 (includes $5600 discount, and $3200 Conquest)
$1,800 out of pocket
39/10k miles
$1,018 month.

NJ sales tax of 6.875% and fees included.

I didn’t expect a 4-digit payment.

Anyone doing better on these?

Nope, it’s disgusting. And the fact that they don’t let us take over a lease out of state is even more ridiculous.

The disgusting fact of the matter is, that you are going to be close to that. There is probably 50-60 in the payment. I’d look at the LX570, its a similar price but the sticker is closer to 100k

You can buy a 2 year old version of this for under $50K. They depreciate horribly. Which is why leasing one is never going to be cheap.