2017 C300 Sedan 24 Months 12K miles / Year

Hi Guys,

Am looking for some advice on a lease deal i have received on a Mercedes 2017 C300 for a 2 year lease 12K miles / Year. Have been offered ~ $420/month inclusive of taxes and fees with a $3,500 downpayment.

What do you guys think?

MSRP: $46,880
SP: $36,881
Residual: $31,880

Am going to ask the dealer for more details such as the MF used, residual % used etc, but wanted to get some feedback, i am going to shop around a bit with the other dealers to see if i can beat this price, but want to close by the weekend.

The model is a sport version with Panaromic Roof and Premium 2 with the Burmester.


Is the $3500 going towards CCR or MSDs?

Nope, no MSDs involved. I think its just the downpayment.

looks like the rv % is 68% based on your nums

Numbers seem way off. Are you sure the sales price is correct? With that sales price, depreciation is only $5k, but your total cost for the 24 months is over $13k.

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That’s what I was thinking.

You are right guys, the dealer did a copy paste mistake. Here are the new numbers:

MSRP is $48,535
Selling price is $40,205 (including all discounts, rebates and incentives)
Cash out the door $44,119.97 (including taxes, license and fees)

24 months lease with 12,000 miles and $32,033.10 residual value: $422.31 per month and $3,500 drive off.
*payments include all taxes, license, and fees

MF used is 0.00144 and $3,500 drive off includes $2378 of CCR and rest are DMV + doc fee

What do you guys think? It still seems high to me.

Where do you live and what is the tax rate?

Also, not only does the actual payment (including the CCR) seem high, but ~1200 for DMV and doc seems high too.

in California, i think its 7.5%

Can you advise - he is saying this is the final price.

Sorry forgot to mention, the 3500 includes the first month payment as well

until it’s not … don’t worry about what he is saying.

Due to the CCR of $2,400, your monthly is really $100 more so it’s really $522/mo

If the $3500 includes first month, then the DMV + doc fee is approx $700
$2378 CCR
$422 first month
= $700 for the rest (not bad for this part)

This deal sucks. And C-class is also an unreliable shitbox. Its just a Mercedes badge without any value.


Can you help, whats the price i should be happy with?

That’s something only you can decide. Do you love the C-class that much? Personally, I wouldn’t pay anywhere near $500/month for a C-class.

I would recommend putting that money towards security deposit instead of towards CCR. Also, the MF of .00144 is marked up, for a 4matic it is .00127 and .00124 for RWD. Using base MF and MSDs can save you almost 75$/month. See if you qualify for a fleet program through your employer or profession.

Mendor - Did you have a C300? Which car do you prefer?

Thanks Jon, i was looking to get a luxury compact sedan , and my choices were around the BMW 3 series, Audi A4 and the Mercedes C 300. From an exterior and interior perspective, i loved the C class as compared to the others, however not a big fan of rear legroom. The A4 seems more convenient and value for money, but i dont like the front grill that much.

I dont like the BMW interior at all, seems plastic and cheap.

I am not married to the C class though, what do you suggest?

Thanks Cooldoc. Let me try pushing for MSDs and the base MF. How much is each MSD? - 500 USD

What is a fleet program?

Sorry, I understand that my post was a bit expressive and uninformative, let me clarify.

  1. I don’t believe Mercedes-Benz A,B,C-classes (including GL versions) give a good value to the owner. They are cheap on value and overpriced. Quality and equipment are definitely not premium. It also doesn’t give you any status.
    You want good tech or status? Get any AMG or S-class or at least the top trim of E-class, well yeah, may be no, E-class is a taxi favorite.
    On a bright side - good interior design.

  2. I personally lease B-class electric. And the reason for that is that its cheap ($250/mo, and I always charge for free at work) and it has more room and power than Nissan Leaf SL. Not because its Mercedes.

  3. I’ve called C-class a shitbox not because of poor equipment or value. I called it shitbox because of reliability. Too many recalls, and owners still constantly complains that something stopped working. Its “only” number 20 least reliable car according to “Consumer reports”.

  4. I’m quite tall and so not a good adviser. I find most seats of small cars (C-class included) uncomfortable. The notable exception is Volvo S60 CC. As for real options. Check forum reports on Q50 premium 3.0t, more power and equipment, possible to get for 310-350/month with no downpayment.

Each MSD equals your monthly payment rounded to the next multiple of 50, so yours will likely be 450. You can do max 10 MSDs which should reduce the MF by .00070 plus an additional .00010 for auto pay. On base MF, you should be at .000044. I got .00047 on a 4matic last month. Assuming total financing of 80k (cap cost+residual), each 0.00010 drop in MSD will save you 8$ per month.