2017 C300 Question about Tires

Hi - I have a leased a 2017 C300 loaner and it currently has run flat tires. There is an air bubble developed on the side wall on the front tire and I need to replace it.

Question: Do I need to replace it with a run flat tire only or can a non run flat tire work as well?

I only have a few months before I will be trading in for a new car so wanted to get this information before I invest in run flats.


Check eBay or offerup and find exact brand used. I just got two run flats for my mini with 90% tread for $148 plus free shipping. Then I got them installed at local tire store for $25 (both). My last two lease I’ve placed good used tires prior turning in. The best deal on used tires where for my Lexus GS350, 80 bucks for two with 95% tread on offerup. The guy took the 19” tires of his Maserati less than six months because the Bridgestone tires were too rough.

Thanks Mark…this really helps.

Glad to help. Used is the best way to go for expensive brand tires.