2017 C300 Loaner (SoCal)

Here’s the quote I got yesterday for a loaner that has ~5800 miles and not awd.

Msrp: 45,580
Sales price: 37,888
Residual: 25,869
MF: 0.00112
Drive off: 1,760 (1st month and fees)
Monthly: 440 (incl tax)

Dealer said they extended the holiday sales till tonight. They said I may also get $500 corporate rebate on top of this deal but not more.

I’ve seen way much better deals for this vehicle in here, should I make any counter offer? My goal was to get it below $300 for $0 drive off.


Of course you should counter. You can probably get that deal on a brand new 2018.

Very bad deal considering its a loaner and a 2017 model

Counter back with a sales price of 33.5K and you could increase max to 34K for this car. The MF is also padded which needs to be taken back to base MF to make this a good deal.

someone in NorCal got 29% off MSRP yesterday so SoCal shouldn’t be this bad. That is the most competitive market.

As @iKevyn said , you should get this on a 2018. For your 2017 quote, selling price should be very near 25% off MSRP.

Thank you everyone for the responses. I believe today is the last day that they can lease out 2017s. Let me see how much more I can pull it down.