2017 C300 lease suggestion

My current offer for C300 (in CA):

The MSRP is $41,845;
we can sell it to you for $35,972;

with $1000 drive off,
36 months,
10,000 miles per year,
payment should be around $417 plus tax (with the good credit).

the residual value is 53%
Any suggestions?

Seems horrible to me

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It’s last day of the month, it should be 399 a month including tax with nothing out-of-pocket at 10K.

What kind of c300? The sedan residual is much higher than that for 36/10 - 60% I believe.

2.0t base sedan…i calculated it wrong…it should be 60% based on the MSRP not the discounted price…

good to know…thanks!

my best offer for a New 2017 C300 is:
18% off MSRP
0 Down
Drive off: First Month, DMV fees
406/ month with tax included
thats for 36/15k at 57% RV

So you can definitely do better than that.

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looks like no one’s willing to match your offer…should i wait until the end of this year?

Email qobrien9@gmail.com for the best Benz deal.

The deal for $406/month is a good one

A sales rep in Ohio tried to push me on a crappy deal on an active service loaner
MSRP $51,500
Sales price $45,800
Lease payment $549/month for 3yrs and 36k miles

I wanted somewhere at least in the mid $400

18% off MSRP for a new 2017 C300 … dealers are not willing to drop by 18% for even a loaner

Do you want me to Send you pictures of multiple quotes at that discount?

Loaners go for 21-23% off
Search the forums!

i was not challenging you. 18% for a new c300 is great deal.
loaners can go that high %off, but just a few of them, hard to find c300 loaner deals.

Check mercedes benz of annapolis. They always have a few for 20+% off, even had one for 26.5% off last weekend.


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especially in SoCal there are more C300 loaners than E300

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are those “service loaner” really “loaners”, carfax shows they had 1 owner before. I guess the $2k fleet discount wont apply.

They are loaners and as long as they have less than 10k miles are eligible for new car incentives, lease, etc. 2k fleet would apply, but that dealership is one of many who has told me that fleet incentive is not compatible with dealer cash, So they may offset each other.

well, then 10k miles is like 3~4% loss, and no 2k bonus, thats like ~8% loss, even a negotiated 25% off is like 17% off MSRP for a used car with 10k miles. and ppl here reported easy to get 18% off for new cars, then I have no reason to go to those “loaners”.

10k miles is just the limit above which MB will no longer lease a loaner. Find one with 6k miles and it’s only a $600 reduction. The fleet issue is the same for loaners or new. The dealer claims it wont stack with dealer cash, on either a loaner or new one. Last month, lease cash was 1500 and fleet was 2000, so having fleet got you an extra 500 off. This month, I believe they are both the same, so the net is zero, but the treatment is the same for new vs loaner.

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i did not see any leash incentives for 2017 c300 this month, or that is given by dealer?